In a country with a poor history of preparing for the future and even less regard for sustainable energy generation, there’s a change manifesting.

Right by the bays of Lagos Marina, standing 18 floors tall and adorned with the trendiest of energy-creating technologies, the fabled Sterling Towers has gone completely off-grid and will now be completely Powered by the sun

“Why is this a big deal?” you may ask.

For many reasons really. 

First, it’s abundant: about 200,000 times the world’s daily electricity needs is generated from the sunlight received every day. 

It’s clean: solar energy is one the cleanest and most sustainable sources of renewable energy.

Now let’s get back to why we have chosen to light up the Nigerian energy landscape with the rays of the sun. 

We have become synonymous with the initials HEART, which stands for Health, Education, Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Transportation. We believe growth in these sectors will be crucial in the making of a new and prosperous Nigeria. 

With our new HQ decked out in Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) tech, we have put our money where our mouth is to become the first organization on the African continent to fully power a commercial property with solar as its primary energy source. This achievement changes many things about the narrative of what is possible in Nigeria today and in the future. 

We hope you join us on the journey.

***Changes over and goes off grid***

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