Yemi Odubiyi
Group Chief Executive

Yemi currently serves in the role of Group Chief Executive Officer of Sterling Financial Holdings Company PLC. Over the years, he’s played a central role as a key member of the management team of Sterling Bank PLC [as it then was] from its founding in 2006, having originally joined through its legacy component, Trust Bank of Africa, back in 2003.

Over that period, he’s led teams across Operations, Technology, Strategy, Sales, Structured Finance, Corporate and Investment Banking, as well as Compliance and Risk Assurance.

Yemi has led the restructuring of the business of the banking group at various times in its evolution, serving as the transaction manager for its acquisition of Equitorial Trust Bank in 2011, and also its restructuring from universal banking license to a national bank in the same year, and selling the business of all its operating subsidiaries at the time, at a substantial profit. In 2012, he moved into the role of Chief Operating Officer, serving in that capacity until June 2018. He was appointed to the Board of Directors in December 2014.

In June 2018, he was mandated to lead the bank’s largest business unit by revenue, the Corporate and Investment Bank, while simultaneously overseeing critical digital transformation initiatives. He served in both roles until June 2023, when upon completion of the restructuring of the company and final licensing of its operation as a financial holding company, he was appointed as Group Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to joining Trust Bank of Africa Limited in 2003, Yemi started his banking career at Citibank Nigeria Limited in 1995, serving in multiple business units before his departure from the company.

He holds first and graduate degrees from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.