Just as the world can change drastically overnight, the business world is no different.  When the pandemic first hit, many business owners who were not aligned with trends that have existed for years sadly crashed and burned, leaving the innovators to get rich and keep topping the market.

I know the Nigerian in you just whispered “God forbid, That shall never be my portion” and while you may be right, here are three business trends to watch out for this year;

  1. Digital Currency

The ones that get it, get it! And the ones that dont, don’t just understand how you can have verified transactions and records which are maintained by a decentralised system rather than by a centralised authority. Luckily, you have us to guide you on simple ways to activate an E-Naira account and connect it to your OneBank app. Make you sef no carry last.

  1. Authenticity Is Everything

Not to sound like a parrot oh but we can’t not talk about how the world is changing quickly thanks to covid. So as a business owner, you must keep up with the movement. Today’s consumers want to buy from, and follow, brands that resonate with them over others that don’t. To achieve that resonance, I cannot stress enough the importance of being authentic. That involves telling your story and being true to your mission.

  1. The future is AI

I remember how every futuristic movie in the early 2000s was featuring flying cars and I still laugh in mandarin. Because the future is here and very well affiliated with Artificial Intelligence. Being AI-friendly goes beyond virtual reality goggles and is actually as simple as installing a chatbot on your e-commerce website. 

As a small-business owner, we know how overwhelming it is to even keep your Instagram schedule on track but staying up-to-date with business trends in 2022 and beyond is imperative for your business to survive. Those who stay one step ahead and act as innovators or early adopters will always remain the rulers of the business realm. Don’t be a laggard and risk sinking into the abyss.

Also It will be good to remember that at sterling we offer corporate banking services to cater to your day-to-day business needs

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